Many people choose to use their garages for purposes other than car storage, and it isn’t hard to understand why. Your garage offers a ton of square footage that could be used for anything your heart desires. One common choice people make for their garages is to renovate it to become a living space of some sort, such as a bedroom or a playroom. This can be a great way to add much needed space to your home without building an addition to your home. Below, we have included some tips to ensure that your garage conversion goes well:

Get the proper permits

Many people attempt to DIY projects, only to realize later that they have broken zoning laws and have wasted thousands of dollars. Before you begin to convert your garage, look into the zoning laws of your city, and obtain a building permit.

Install plumbing

If you do not have running water in your garage, you will want to contract a plumber. This way, you can install a bathroom or sink.  

Add insulation

Garages tend not to be insulated. In order to spend time comfortably in your new room, you will want to insulate the walls and the garage door, if you intend to keep it (it can be useful if you are using the garage for certain hobbies or projects).

Install carpeting

An easy way to make your converted garage seem more homey is to install carpeting. Cover the concrete with carpet to change it from a garage to a living space.
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