As convenient as garage door openers are, they do pose some security risks. For example, the emergency release lever that is standard on garage door openers is a great feature when the power goes out and you have no way of opening your garage otherwise. However, it is also relatively simple for a thief to use your emergency release lever against you. A commonly used trick involves using a coat hanger to grab the release from outside, releasing your door. Intruders will take advantage of this in order to enter your garage, and then your home. As alarming as this might be, there are steps you can take to prevent this scenario and better your garage security in general.

Disable your release lever

This is the most straightforward way to prevent someone from using the emergency release lever to break into your home. However, this also prevents you from using it in the case of an emergency.

Cover your windows

Another way to make it more difficult for thieves to break into your home using the coat hanger method is to cover up the windows. This trick is significantly more difficult to accomplish if you cannot see into the garage.

Mind your remote

Be careful where you store your garage door remote. For example, while clipping it to your visor is convenient, it is also a target for thieves. If you are going to store it in your car, find a place where it isn’t visible.

Invest in motion detection lights

Another good way to enhance the security of your garage (and your home in general) is to install motion detection lights. These lights that go on in response to motion are notorious for scaring criminals away. They will likely not want to mess with your garage door under a bright spotlight.

Lock your entry door

Another way to prevent theft is to lock the door in your garage that leads into your home. That way, even if a criminal does break into your garage, they cannot touch your family or any of your possessions inside your home.
While some people take advantage of the convenience factor of garage door openers, there are steps you can take to ensure that your home and family are secure. Contact Lifetime Garage Doors in Sarasota when you need garage door repair, maintenance, or installation.