dreamstime_xxl_19782625There once was a time that after your garage door installation, your garage door could open and close randomly. It might have been from phantoms or something catching in the photo eye, you couldn’t be sure. So you had your garage door serviced. And it still would open randomly. You would feel like you’re going crazy, but you’re not.

Older garage door openers often shared the same frequencies for their remotes. It’s rare these days but it can still happen that your neighbor’s opener will open your door as well. The best way to check this is take your opener out into the street (make sure no cars are coming), and open your garage door. Look up and down the street and see if anyone else’s door opens as well.

There is a genuine fear that even with all the security changes in garage door opening frequencies, that someone could sit just a few houses down and essentially hack into your garage door. At one point this may have been the case. Just like shared neighbor frequencies, the fewer the frequencies, the easier it was for hackers to figure out garage opener frequencies. However, newer technology works on rotating frequencies meaning that every time the garage door is used, it resets or changes the frequency that it uses. This makes it extremely hard for curbside hackers to pinpoint a single, usable frequency.

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