Choosing the right garage door opener involves some research because there are many factors to consider. Ideally, your garage door opener will be relatively quiet, reliable, and secure. To ensure these qualities, you will have to search through your options to see what best fits your needs. At Lifetime Garage Doors in Sarasota, we are garage door opener experts, and are happy to help you decide. Here are the factors you must consider when choosing your garage door opener:

Style and Function

There are three types of garage doors: belt drive, chain drive, and screw drive. The belt drive is the quietest, making it ideal for if you have an attached garage. It offers premium performance, and it’s more expensive than the other types as a result. A chain drive garage door is designed to lift the heaviest of garage doors, and is the most popular and cost-effective option. A screw drive system is quieter than a chain drive system, is durable, and is ideal for one-piece tilting doors.


You also need to consider how much horsepower you will need in order to lift your garage door. Generally, garage door openers come in ½ horsepower, ¾ horsepower, and 1 horsepower models. You can choose according to the weight of your garage door.


You should also consider the safety features that come with your garage door opener. It is federal law for garage door openers to include sensors to ensure it does not strike anyone in the way, but there are different types of sensors from which you can choose. There are sensors that automatically reverse when the door sense any obstruction. For some, the garage door must come in contact with the obstruction; others have a beam over the opening that will stop or reverse the door if the beam is interrupted. Garage door safety is important, so carefully consider your needs when selecting a garage door opener, particularly if you have children.

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