As your resident garage door service company, Lifetime Garage Doors wants you to have a garage door that is safe, effective, and fits the aesthetic of your home. Sometimes, however, your aesthetic changes, and you may not want to install an entirely new garage door if yours is completely functional. One fun way you can update your garage door is by painting it a different color. Here, we will outline the proper way to prep and paint your garage door, whether it is wood, aluminum, steel, or fiberglass.  

Wood Door

First, go through with a scraper and scrape off any peeling paint, and seal any cracks with a caulking gun. After the caulk has dried, sand it down for a smooth finish; if there is a lot of peeling paint, you should sand the entire door as well. Cover any windows with paper and painter’s tape so paint does not get on them. Using a paint sprayer can make the job easy and fast, but you can also paint your garage door by hand if you prefer. Apply a coat of primer and allow it to dry. After this has dried, apply your first coat of paint evenly and let it dry. If desired, apply another light coat or two, until you have reached your desired color.

Aluminum Door

First, use a brush and diluted household detergent to scrub the door free of dirt and debris. Scrub off any chipped finish for a smooth surface. Cover any windows with paper and painter’s tape. Again, it is easiest to use a paint sprayer if you can access one. Apply the primer, then allow it to dry. You should use an oil-based paint for aluminum doors. When applying the paint, try to use as few strokes as possible to ensure it looks even. Allow this coat to dry before applying your second coat. The second coat should eliminate any patches and look even.

Steel Door

First, clean your steel door with a diluted household cleaner and steel wool; DO NOT wax it. Remove any wax that may be left to ensure it is a smooth surface. You can buff any scratches with steel wool. However, be sure not to buff too much, because if the steel is too smooth, the paint will not stick. Cover any windows with paper and painter’s tape. Then, apply a primer to the door and allow it to dry. Latex paint is the best option; do not use an oil-based paint. Paint the first coat of paint and let it dry. If necessary, apply a second coat.

Fiberglass Door

Begin by inspecting your fiberglass door and making sure it is stable enough; fiberglass tends to weaken over time, and may need to be removed to be painted. Then, clean your door with a diluted household cleaner and a cloth. Allow it to dry. Then, cover the windows to prevent primer or paint getting on them. Lightly sand the surface of your door with steel wool; do not use sand paper. After that, apply your primer. Choose primer carefully, because fiberglass is somewhat resistant to paint, and a good primer can make all the difference. Allow to dry completely. Then, you can begin painting using an oil-based paint. Use a sprayer to prevent obvious brush strokes.

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