Whether you are in a garage band, you are a carpenter, or you spend a lot of time playing with tools, if you spend a lot of time in your garage, it is important to make it a comfortable and secure environment. One way to do this is to entirely seal your garage door. This provides temperature control, protection from the elements, and additional security to your garage. During your garage door installation, Lifetime Garage Doors in Sarasota can help you make the best decision about which garage door is right for you. However, even with an excellent garage door, you may find that you still need to seal it later. Here are options for products you can use to seal your garage door:

Garage Door Bottom Seal

A garage door bottom seal, as the name suggests, attaches to the bottom of your garage door. It is made of either rubber or vinyl, and it seals the gap between the door and the floor in order to keep pests, water, dirt, and wind. It is also possible to save money on your bottom seal by using a single strip of rubber and nailing it to the bottom of the door. You can tell that you need to replace this seal if you can see daylight peak through the bottom of your garage door when it is closed.

Garage Door Threshold Seal

Another option for sealing your garage door is to use a threshold seal. A threshold seal functions the same way as the bottom seal, but it is attached to the floor instead of the door. If you invest in a quality threshold seal, it is more durable than a bottom seal. These seals are adhered with an adhesive, not nails. The disadvantage of the threshold seal is that it makes it more difficult for water to flow out of the garage if necessary. It can also make sweeping more of a challenge.

Garage Door Weatherstrip

Now that you have the bottom of your garage door sealed, you need to take care of the rest of the cracks. When the sides and top of your garage door are left open, wind and rain can get into your garage, particularly during hurricane season in Florida. This is why you want to also install a garage door weather strip. Weatherstrips are generally made of rubber and are adhered to the garage door with tacks. When you install a weatherstrip, you will most likely also want to also have a bottom seal and threshold seal already installed. You can purchase weatherstrip kits from hardware stores and they are very simple to install.

These seals are inexpensive solutions to the common garage door issue of having gaps that are too large between the door and the doorway of your garage. At Lifetime Garage Doors in Sarasota, we are experts in garage door installation, repair, and maintenance. Whether you need a brand new garage door or your current door needs maintenance or repair, we can help. Contact us today for a free consultation!