dreamstime_xxl_26368686The garage is no longer just a space for your car; people use their garages for many functions. Whether you use your garage as an art studio, rehearsal space, man cave, or for extra storage, you want your garage door to be high quality and expertly installed. If you require garage door installation, our technicians at Lifetime Garage Doors are experienced, knowledgeable, and eager to help.

If you choose to use your garage for storage, you may want to make some extra room in your closet by putting off-season clothing in the garage. This is a practical solution; however, you want to take certain precautions to preserve your clothing. Read on to learn our tips for storage your clothes in a way that will ensure you can enjoy your favorite jacket once it starts getting chillier come November.

Clean your clothes first

Even if your clothes look clean, be sure to wash them before you store them for the season. If your clothing is soiled at all, it will attract the attention of insects, and no one wants to find moth holes in their sweaters. Additionally, any natural materials may cause mold or bacteria to grow, and if you don’t wash your clothes before storing them, your nose is in for a nasty surprise once you open that box in a few months.

Don’t store them on the floor

If you store your clothes in boxes on the floor, you’re putting them at risk. Whether your water heater leaks or rain pools in your garage, any boxes (and their contents) will incur damage. You could install shelves or a storage cabinet. Using a cabinet has the added benefit of providing additional protection. Within the cabinets, be sure to keep your clothes in dust-free containers.

Use insecticide

Before storing your clothing, clear your garage of any insects by using an insecticide. This minimizes the likelihood that your clothing will be destroyed by pests. If you know of a specific infestation, use the appropriate chemicals. If not, use a general insecticide in the areas where critters are likely to crawl.

Don’t store your delicates

Delicate clothing is susceptible to moisture, which promotes mold growth. This will only ruin your delicate garments and cause them to spread mold to other pieces of clothing. Store your delicates in your climate-controlled home.

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