When installing a new garage door, there are many factors to consider. One such factor is which garage door opener to choose. The most popular garage door opener option is the chain drive opener. Chain drive openers have been used since they were invented in the 1940s, and it isn’t hard to understand why their prevalence has endured. Chain drive garage door openers involve very simple and practical mechanics. They function with the use of a chain, similar to one found on a motor. The chain moves a trolley that is attached to the door, moving it either up or down. There are many advantages to selecting this type of garage door opener. We have outlined some below:

Cost effective

Chain drive garage door openers are almost always the least expensive option. This is due to their simplicity. The technology around chain drives has not changed significantly since their advent, which has kept their price relatively low. While higher grades are more expensive, in general, chain drive garage door openers are the least expensive garage door opener option.


Chain drive garage door openers can lift the heaviest garage doors on the market. Other types of openers are not the best choice if your garage door is made of a heavier materials, such as wood. If you are looking for something that can handle material beyond a light aluminum, a chain drive garage door opener is your best option.


Chain drive garage door openers last a long time. Chains are very reliable, and require very little maintenance. Though they may require adjusting very occasionally, a maintenance call from Lifetime Garage Doors can take of that for you quickly.

When you need a chain drive or another other type of garage door opener installed, Lifetime Garage Doors in Sarasota can help. Contact us today to schedule your garage door opener installation.