At Lifetime Garage Doors, we love what garages have done for us and our clients. The garage has become an essential element to houses in the United States. We use them to enter our home, to store our valuables, to work on our hobbies, and to add more room. However, garages were not always such a part of our culture. Have you ever wondered how exactly the garage because such an important part of our lives?

In the beginning, garages were converted carriage houses which once housed the carriage and related equipment. The automobile slowly began to replace carriages as the primary form of transportation, and so the carriage house began to become the garage. Cars became widely used by the 1920s, so people responded by designing a structure in which to store them that was more convenient than the carriage house. The overhead garage door was invented in 1921, and the automatic garage door opener was invented in 1926. The advent of these features catapulted the garage from novelty to necessity.

In 1941, houses with attached garages were first introduced. By the 1960s, cars were bigger, and therefore, garages grew as well. Today, nearly 80 percent of homes have a garage. More Americans use it as the main entry to their home than their front door, and most use it for purposes other than car storage. Technology has enabled us to revolutionize the garage door, and we can only imagine what it will do for us in the future.

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