Traditionally, garages have been used to house vehicles when they are not in use. However, the use of garages have been evolving over time as they become a more popular aspect of homes. They have increasingly become space to use for storage, hobbies, and even a place to live. These days, you can install such amenities as heat, air conditioning, cable, and Internet in your garage, and you can decorate it to serve your needs. With such design options as flooring, lighting, and insulation, you can create a larger living space for your family without building an addition to your home. Increasingly, people are taking advantage of this option to make their garage their own.

People began using their garages for alternative uses around the 1950s, when garages began to grow larger and predominantly be attached to the home. Using garages for storage was and obviously still is popular, but today, garages are also used for more purposes than storing dusty old cardboard boxes. Many families will turn the garage into a playroom for the kids, or a man cave for Dad. Some garages are designed with an apartment built on top. These apartments are useful as guest rooms, and can even be rented out for extra income.

With the new functions of garages came new functions for garage doors. Choosing the right garage door can impact how you use your garage. If you play music in your garage, for example, you will want a more insulated garage door to prevent noise pollution. If your intention is to use your garage as an art studio, you may choose a garage door with windows to allow for natural sunlight. Regardless of the garage door you choose, when you need a garage door installation completed, you can trust Lifetime Garage Doors to provide you with a product that will last a lifetime. Contact us today to schedule your garage door installation!