Years ago, fiberglass garage doors meant brittle and yellowing material that diminished the drive up appeal of your home, however, technology has improved. Fiberglass is now a fantastic material to consider when upgrading yourdreamstime_xxl_23816163 garage’s appearance. While not as popular as aluminum and wood, they offer many distinct benefits from other materials. Here are a few of the pros and cons of fiberglass garage doors:

The Pros:

  • Like aluminum, fiberglass is lightweight, making it easier on your garage door motor and torsion springs. The lighter the door, the easier it is to open and the less strain placed on the moving parts.
  • Fiberglass doors come in a variety of finishes and styles to match your home’s design. If you live in a craftsman style home, fiberglass doors can be made to match the wood finish of your siding.
  • Unlike wood doors, fiberglass is resistant to weathering and won’t expand or contract due to changes in temperature and humidity. This material is also resistant to the corrosive salty air common in Sarasota.
  • It is an extremely budget friendly option. Wood and steel doors can be costly. Choosing fiberglass will save you money during the initial installation and purchase.

The Cons:

  • Fiberglass does not provide much insulation, making it a poor choice if your garage doubles as a game room or work area.
  • Because of their light weight, these doors are not the best option for wind resistance. While the steel frame inside the door significantly increases durability, they may be easily damaged during severe storms.

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