Nothing is more frustrating than a jammed garage door and pinpointing the cause of the jam can be a point of annoyance when all you want to do is park your car. Here are the most common causes of a jammed garage door.

dreamstime_xxl_30126974Dirty Door Track

Your garage door moves up and down on metal tracks. These tracks can easily become clogged with dirt and debris over time. Something as simple as a large stick or broom handle can keep your door from moving. Check the track for any obstructions and remove them carefully. If an object is truly lodged between the track and the door, you may need to contact an expert to remove the obstruction without damaging your garage system.

Broken Springs

Broken springs will prevent your garage door motor from lifting the door. The springs will either be located at the top of the garage door or on either side of the door. In the event of a jam, check the springs for gaps or rust build up. If you notice either of these conditions, call an expert. Replacing a spring is a difficult task and those untrained in garage maintenance risk injury when they do it themselves.

Rollers Are Off Trackdreamstime_xxl_23816163

If your garage door gets stuck and can’t move at all, it could be due to the rollers. Rollers can occasionally slide off the track and need to be placed back by a professional. Failure to do so can damage your door and may lead to needing a full garage door replacement as the individual panels may be damaged.

Repairing and maintaining your garage door is a job best left to the pros. Contact Lifetime Garage Doors for all of your garage door maintenance needs and schedule your appointment today!