dreamstime_xxl_2432666When they work properly, garage doors are secure, safe, and easy ways to access your home. With routine garage door maintenance and yearly tune-ups, your garage door will last for many years to come, but what happens when your door stops working? The top reason garage doors stop working is due to broken torsion springs. Here are the most common causes of broken torsion springs:

Wear and Tear
Over the course of the year, your garage door opens and closes hundreds if not thousands of times. Since the torsion springs are responsible for doing most of the heavy lifting, they are subjected to lots of use and abuse. After extended use, the springs may snap. This will keep your motor from being able to lift your garage door. The fact of the matter is, springs wear out over time and need to be replaced. They do not last forever. Different springs are rated to last for different numbers opening and closing cycles. Obviously, cutting corners on spring cost means cutting corners on their lifespan.


In a humid area like Sarasota, rust can build up on your torsion springs surprisingly quickly. When this happens, the amount of friction on the spring increases, creating more stress and strain on the material. Further, rust is corrosive and can weaken the metal of the springs more quickly. Keeping your torsion springs well lubricated, especially through the wetter parts of the year, will help keep rust from becoming an issue.

Unbalanced Door

When your garage door is not balanced, the springs are placed under different amounts of strain. While the motor is often able to continue lifting an unbalanced door, over time, the uneven strain can cause the springs to snap. It’s best to call a professional if you believe your door is unbalanced as they’ll know what to look for and how to fix it without doing more damage to the system.

Cutting Corners

If your garage was installed on a steep budget, it’s possible that the original contractor opted to use one long torsion spring on each side rather than two separate springs on each side of the mechanism. While the single spring option is perfectly acceptable, they do not last as long as the two-spring combination. Replacing the broken spring with multiple torsion springs will give you a more durable and longer lasting system.

Overall Lack of Maintenance

Just like any machine, your garage needs regular maintenance to work at its best. Failure to lubricate your springs and the other moving parts of your garage door system will increase the chance your springs will snap. Performing routine garage door maintenance and having yearly tune-ups on your garage will let you know if your springs are close to needing to be replaced. Don’t wait until they snap to replace them–get ahead of the game.

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