As we mentioned in our previous blog, the garage serves many functions. With proper organization, your garage could be the most versatile room in your house. However, the majority of people are not using their garage effectively; in fact, many people cannot even park their car in their garage because there is so much stuff inside! Here are our tips for organizing your garage, so you can use it for everything you want:  

Clean It Out

The first step is to clear out all the stuff you have stored inside your garage. Set aside a day to get it done, and enlist the help of friends or family to make it go faster. Look through every box, especially ones you have not bothered opening in a while. Sort everything into three piles: keep, sell/donate, or throw out. Then, sort what you plan to keep into categories, which you can use to put them in different labelled plastic bins. Dispose of the throw out pile. If you plan to sell the remaining items, set up a yard sale as soon as possible, or donate them as soon as you can. Hose the garage floor down to get rid of any dirt or dust. To maintain your cleanliness and organization, repeat this process once a year.


After you have cleaned your garage, it’s time to organize it. The things you use the least, like seasonal decorations, should be stashed away in less accessible places. On the other hand, items you use frequently should be placed near the garage door. Organize your items so that things you use together are close to each other. Store your lawn mower or other equipment in corners to avoid contact with your vehicle. It is crucial to keep all clutter off the floor. Not only will this enable you to fit your car inside the garage, but it instantly makes your garage look cleaner and more organized. Consider installing shelves on the walls on which to place plastic bins. Choose shelves over cabinets; cabinets will encourage you to remain messy because you can hide your disorganization.

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