dreamstime_xxl_9698316Proper insulation is essential for an energy-efficient attached garage, but what many people forget is that insulation is not the only line of defense against seasonal changes. Weather stripping is an essential part of garage door maintenance and should always be checked for integrity when you inspect your garage for wear and tear. Here are a few reasons weather stripping can make all the difference in your garage.

  • Weatherstripping and bottom seals protect against leaks and drafts. While this is not a huge concern for detached garages, it should be at the forefront of your mind if your garage is attached to your home. Leaks and drafts can significantly increase your heating and cooling bill as the temperature in the garage will more closely match the temperature outside your home. This will heat or freeze the interior walls of the garage, sending the ambient temperature changes into your home.
  • Cracked or damaged weatherstripping lets water into the garage. Rain is a common occurrence year-round in Sarasota. Each year, we get an average of 52 inches of rainfall. This means your garage can get wet more often than it would in other parts of the country. A solid bottom seal along the base of the door will keep blowing rain from slipping past your door and into your garage.
  • Combine a bottom seal with a threshold seal for maximum protection against drafts and debris. This hard rubber seal lays on the floor beneath the garage door and has a peaked construction that causes water running down the door to flow away from your garage and down the driveway.

Checking the integrity of your garage door seals should be a basic part of your garage door maintenance routine. If you notice cracking along the seals, wet spots in your garage, or increased drafts, contact Lifetime Garage Doors. We’re your local Sarasota experts for all your garage door maintenance needs.