Although not as popular as steel, wood, or fiberglass doors, it’s possible that your Sarasota home may have an aluminum garage door. These doors are very durable while also being lightweight, so they’re a good option for homeowners working with a limited budget or under-powered garage door opener. If you’re not yet ready for garage door installation from Lifetime Garage Doors, there are some things you can do on a regular basis to help keep your aluminum door in good working order. As you go through the checklist below, always remember that our expert technicians are well versed in all types of garage door maintenance, whether you just want to chat on the phone, or schedule an appointment for us to inspect your door personally.

Use Your Eyes

You’d be surprised how many people simply take their garage door for granted, never bothering to see whether wear and tear is setting their door up for failure. After years of going up and down the track, it should be no surprise that some of your garage door’s moving parts might start to break down. These parts include the springs, wheels or rollers, track, and the motor chain itself. Stand inside your garage, and watch while it opens and closes. Do you notice anything that’s loose, sticking, rusty, or missing? If so, call us for immediate overhead garage door repair.

Give Weatherstripping Some TLC

One drawback of aluminum garage doors is that they’re extremely susceptible to erosion from the damp, salty air we have here in the Sarasota area. For this reason, it’s extremely important to take a look at the weatherstripping that runs across the bottom of your garage door. If this weatherstripping is missing, cracked, or feels very brittle, it needs to be replaced

Gentle Cleansing

We wash our cars and our houses, heck, even our driveways, but when’s the last time that you washed your garage door? With a very gentle solution of warm, soapy water, wipe the inside and outside of your garage door with a soft cloth or sponge. You might be surprised at how much dirt and grime come off of it!

We realize that you might not have time to perform these maintenance tasks on a regular basis. That’s why Lifetime Garage Doors is available for all types of garage door maintenance, whether it’s small or large problem. Schedule an appointment today!