We depend on our garage doors to work day in and day out. Every morning, at the touch of a button, they open to allow us out into the world, and every night they rise to welcome us home. We trust that our garage doors will remain secure and in good working order, and hopefully, won’t surprise us with costly repairs.

Performing some regular garage door maintenance is the best way to make sure your fiberglass garage door maintains its beautiful look and efficient performance for many years to come. Here are a few tips that any homeowner can execute quickly for a big impact.

Operation Checks

It’s all too common for homeowners to completely ignore their garage door. Until something breaks that is. Most don’t realize that simply taking the time to visually inspect all the components of their overhead garage door goes a long way toward preventing costly repairs. Stand outside your garage door and watch while it opens and closes. Stand inside your garage door and do the same thing. Is the door closing all the way? Is it gliding smoothly down the track, or jerking and shuddering? Are all the screws and hinges in place and connected tightly? If you notice anything suspicious, call Lifetime Garage Doors for a professional inspection and garage door repair.

Watch The Wheels

During your visual inspection, pay special attention to the wheels. If you notice that they’re getting stuck, or scraping up and down the track instead of rolling, it’s putting unnecessary strain on your garage door opener’s motor. Even though fiberglass garage doors are light, they need the help of the wheels to make things work smoothly. The occasional application of graphite spray on the wheels can help keep them in good working order.

Spring Cleaning

Most homeowners in Sarasota have a spring cleaning routine. They may pick up debris in the yard, trim bushes and trees, clean gutters, and maybe even give their home siding a good wash. It’s important to include your fiberglass garage door in this routine as well! Fill a bucket with a solution of warm water and vinegar, and use a soft sponge to give your door a good cleaning. This will remove dirt and grime build up, and restore the bright look of your overhead garage door.

Have questions about something you noticed during an inspection or cleaning? Don’t ignore it. Call Lifetime Garage Doors to speak with a tech about garage door repair immediately.