If you’re like many of our customers, your garage door sees a lot of use. The average homeowner opens and closes their garage door hundreds of times per year at a bare minimum. This makes it one of the most used entrances of your home. Unlike your front door, your garage has a number of moving parts, all of which need regular maintenance in order to perform at their best. Here are a few things you can do to keep your door functioning between professional tune-ups.


  • Keep the moving parts greased and lubricated. Your garage door needs regular lubrication in order to move without making noise. Without oil, the moving parts will squeak and complain when the door moves. Without the proper lubrication, the hinges, rollers and springs may deteriorate faster, resulting in the need for professional repairs.
  • Keep the tracks clean and free of debris or dust. As the seasons change, leaves, sticks, and other detritus can end up getting lodged in your door’s tracks, interfering with your door’s movement.
  • Wash your door regularly. Just like your car, your garage door needs to be cleaned and inspected for dents, rust spots, or other damaged areas. Use a mild soap to prevent damage to the door’s finish.
  • Check the cables for wear and tear. Your garage door motor uses cables to lift your door up. When these cables become worn, they need to be replaced by a licensed professional. If you’re ever unsure of the condition of the cables, call your local expert.

While preventative maintenance can often be done by a homeowner, it’s always best to consult with a professional. If your garage door isn’t functioning the way it should, contact the experts at Lifetime Garage Doors today.

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