As with anything, your garage door will wear out and not function as well as it could over time. With proper garage door maintenance, you can extend the life of your garage door, but inevitably,
you will have to either replace it or overhaul it. Overhauling your garage door can be a cost effective way to address the worn out parts of your door without having to get an entirely new door installed. At Lifetime Garage Doors, we want your garage doors to last a lifetime, so we are happy to perform garage door overhaul and maintenance services for our customers. We can always come and repair your garage door when something stops functioning, but an overhaul can be a way to prevent frequent repairs. So what exactly goes into a garage door overhaul?

First of all, we will inspect every part of your garage door, from the springs to the cables to the rollers. This way, we know what requires repair, as well as what will need repair in the near future so we can take care of it in advance. We will then replace any parts that require replacement, as well as lubricate the springs, rollers, hinges, and bearings to ensure that your garage door is working at optimal performance, and replace any that aren’t completely brand new so you can rest easy, knowing your garage door is essentially as good as new. We also inspect the cables for any wearing, and replace them as necessary. When we overhaul your garage door, you can rest easy, knowing that your garage door is as safe and effective as possible. Whether you need garage maintenance, installation, or repair, you can count on Lifetime Garage Doors to do it well.