dreamstime_xxl_21425387You may never have considered garage floor drains, but they can be very useful for a variety of reasons. There are many different purposes for a garage floor drain, and you have different options depending on your priorities. Here are some considerations to make when choosing a garage floor drain.

Why it’s important

The floor drain in your garage is important because it controls water flow in your garage, which prevents damage and dirt buildup. When you install a garage floor drain, it stops water from pooling in your garage when it rains, which is particularly important during hurricane season here in Florida. Avoiding the pooling of water is a good safety measure because it prevents you from slipping and falling due to a puddle. Additionally, standing water attracts mosquitoes, so a floor drain can stop a mosquito swarm in your garage. That alone makes it worth the investment! Finally, when you have a garage floor drain, cleaning your garage floor is incredibly simple because you can simply hose down the cleaning solution without worrying about leaving residue behind.

Drain types

There are two primary types of fldreamstime_xxl_26903606oor drains: trench and square or round drains. Trench drains allow you maximum control over the flow of the water because they are have different sections which you can use to drain the water strategically. While trench drains are more expensive, they are worth it if drainage is a major concern for your garage, because they control the flow of water extremely efficiently.

In contrast, square or round drains provide different advantages, such as the fact that they are less expensive and easier to install. When strategically placed, these drains can manage the flow of water in your garage quite nicely. The very center of the garage may be the best place to ensure it drains the most water possible.

Other considerations to make

Once you install your garage floor drain, also keep in mind that there may be regulations about what you can pour down it. Make sure to do your research before pouring any chemicals down the drain. Installation can also be challenging, so be sure that you know what you are doing if you plan to DIY this project. Additionally, be prepared to regularly maintain your drain; otherwise, it won’t work properly.

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