dreamstime_xxl_19642598We all know there are many different types of garage doors out there. From different colors to different construction materials overhead garage doors vary. But did you know that the drive belt or chain can vary greatly as well? In fact, there are three different designs that are used in garage door systems when it comes to the motor, central track, and opening system that could end up needing a garage door repair service. We take a closer look at these three options below.


A synthetic belt along the central track is the most expensive garage door opening system option. These belts are made from a variety of materials including fiberglass and polyurethane. Many individuals love them for their durability and especially their quietness. Unlike chain based opening systems, belts are exceptionally quiet and reduce most of the noise associated with a properly working garage door.


Having a chain along the central track is the oldest and most common type of garage door opening system. A garage door repair service will know exactly what they’re doing when they come across a problematic chain. Definitely the most affordable option, chain drives are also the loudest. While some people like the warning the noise can give, it can be a bit difficult to deal with if there is a bedroom right above the garage. Improved garage door systems have reduced a substantial amount of noise that chains create in newer models.


The most expensive option of all the garage door opening systems, screw drives work completely differently than belt or chain drives. Many people do like them because the overall garage door opening system requires fewer parts with a screw drive, however they do not hold up well with drastic temperature changes.

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