Cars aren’t the only things that live in garages.  In fact, many people use their garage for storage, yard equipment, and just as a general place to pile things up.  Break that habit!  A garage is an excellent usable and convertible space for many different activities.  Before you dive into the work of converting your space into these following fun and useful solutions, have Lifetime Garage Doors inspect your door for potential repairs.  Once you’re sure your garage door is in top working order try out one of these five different uses for your garage space.

The Game Room

There are a couple different directions in which you can take a game room.  You could make it an all out video game room with big screen TV and cozy furniture to match.  Or you could go the more classic route by setting up a pool table and foosball table in your garage.  Perhaps include an adult drink bar and mood lighting to give this room some fun flair.  Additionally consider rugs on the floor to keep everyone’s toes warm.

Home Gym

A garage truly is one of the best place to set up an amazing home gym.  From yoga to CrossFit training, a garage gives you lots of space and versatility.  Also, consider the reduction of noise if you place your workout equipment in the garage versus in an upstairs bedroom.  Make this space your own with specialty flooring and set the equipment up in a way that will make sure you use it.  Consider adding a TV as well that you can watch while you hit the weights or elliptical machine.

Additional Living Space

Have you ever felt that the living space in your home just don’t work for you and is too cramped?  Consider turning your garage into another living room or family time area.  Set the area up for comfort with large, overstuffed furniture and tables for board game night or a nice sound system to go with the TV on movie night.  Consider having the garage insulated so that it is still usable in the winter time.

Craft and Project Room

If you’re an artist or crafter, you know that projects can take up more time and space than originally anticipated.  Okay let’s be honest, they tend to explode.  Utilizing the garage as a crafting space of any type is an excellent decision.  It allows you to spread out, work on all scales of projects, and not worry about ruining carpet.  

Startup Office Space

Many very famous businesses such as Hewlett-Packard, Apple, and Google all started in garages.  A garage is an ideal space in which to set up a small business.  If you need offices but just can’t afford the rent elsewhere, the garage allows you to easily access work without the overhead costs.  This gives your startup time to grow before it eventually outgrows the space.  Take a page out of Silicon Valley’s book and use your garage to help you with your next great idea.

No matter what you use your garage for Lifetime Garage Doors is there for you when you need garage door repair, maintenance, or installation.  Give us a call today.