Many times when we get called out to an emergency garage door repair, the homeowner is completely shocked that their normally reliable door just suddenly imploded.

“I had no idea anything was wrong!” they claim.

But as we delve deeper into the issue, we find there were plenty of warning signs that the garage door or garage door opener was heading into trouble. The homeowner just didn’t know how to spot them.

In the interest of helping you call for garage door repair before something catastrophic happens, the technicians at Lifetime Garage Doors have put together a list of red flags that typically precede a serious breakdown in garage door function.

Learning how to look and listen for these signals on a regular basis can help you to turn a potential major garage door emergency into a small garage door repair that Lifetime technicians can handle in a single afternoon.


Yes, garage doors are loud. Even when they’re functioning perfectly, they make a lot of noise. But the next time you open or shut the door, pay special attention to the noises it’s making. Do you hear high-pitched squeaking? If you do hear a squeak, try lubricating the wheels and rollers, and maybe the torsion springs too. If this doesn’t fix it, it could be something more serious.


Don’t hear any squeaking? You’re not out of the woods yet. Listen again. Do you hear a scraping or grinding sound, like something is rubbing up against the floor, wall, or ceiling? This indicates a big problem with your door’s alignment. Call us for immediate garage door repair to prevent costly damage to the door or your home.

Lack Of Response

What happens when you press the button to open or close your garage door? Does it begin to move immediately or is there a slight delay? In many cases this is a simple fix: you just need to replace the batteries in your garage door opener remote. However, it’s also possible that there’s a broken part somewhere in the garage door’s mechanism that’s slowing things down. Perform a visual inspection or call a Lifetime Garage Doors technician to have them inspect the door for you.

Slow Motion

Maybe the door does respond immediately when you push the button, but the motion is very slow. This also indicates a problem, most likely with the door’s torsion springs. It’s very important to address this potential garage door repair immediately, because these springs are very dangerous when they snap.

Improper Shutting

Once you’ve watched the door open and shut from inside the garage, step outside and do it again. Pay particular attention to the way that the door meets the ground. Or doesn’t. If you don’t see a tight seal between the ground and the weatherstripping at the bottom of the door, it’s a sign that you need the system to be inspected.

Remember, Lifetime Garage Doors is the top-rated garage door repair company in the Sarasota area. Whether you’re looking for simple maintenance or full replacement, we’re here for you.