In a previous blog, we discussed the three main types of garage door openers. While all three openers essentially perform the same function, they each have their
own pros and cons. Today, we’ll be taking a more in-depth look at belt drive motors and examining their pros and cons to help you make the right decision when the time comes for a new garage door installation at your home.

The Pros:dreamstime_xxl_19782625

  • Belt drive motors are among the quietest options. Chain drives make a constant clunking noise when they’re opening or closing your door. Belt drive motors offer a much quieter operation as metal is not moving through the motor.
  • Belt drive motors are relatively easy to maintain. Unlike chain and screw drives, belt drives do not require regular lubrication in order to perform at their best. This makes them a great choice for the humid coastal Florida climate.
  • Belt drives lift your door faster than chain and screw drive motors. While the difference in speed isn’t much, a few seconds can mean the difference between making all the lights on the way to the office or sitting at each and every red light.

The Cons:

  • Belt drives are not the best option for heavier doors. While they work very well for single car doors, heavier double doors or wooden doors may prove too much of a strain for the belt drive.
  • Chains typically last longer than the belts currently on the market. This means your system may need maintenance slightly more often than with other motors.  
  • Belt drives are expensive. If you’re looking for a budget friendly option, belt drives are not the right choice for your garage. While not as expensive as screw drive motors, they do cost more than chain systems.

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