There is something about a bright red cord or button that just screams, “Use me!” You may not know what it does, but you definitely want to. Or maybe you’re more cautious and would never touch the bright red item no matter what. Well, not to worry. We’re here to tell you all about the bright red emergency cord on your garage door, what it does, and when you may need to use it.dreamstime_xxl_21425387

The purpose of the emergency cord

The purpose of the emergency cord is pretty obvious from its name: emergencies. When this cord is pulled with a quick, downward motion, the trolley and arm attached to the garage door and belt disconnect from the belt. This means the door is basically loose from any mechanisms holding it in place. The door will still remain on the tracks but the motor will have no effect on it.

Why you need it

This can come in handy on a couple of occasions. Many times you will see garage door repair people disconnect the arm from the belt. This is so they can check or repair components individually and not have to have the door constantly opening and closing. They can isolate the motor and belt or the door and torsion spring. Another circumstance in which you may need the emergency cord is if the power goes out. Without power the motor will not engage and raise the door. Even though garage doors are exceptionally heavy they can be raised with care without the motor. To do so, you would pull the emergency cord and then lift the door with your knees. Be very careful not to drop the door as nothing is stopping it for crashing down except yourself.

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