These days it’s popular to DIY everything. Home decor, clothing upcycling, computer repair. Thanks to the internet, everyone feels empowered to do things themselves instead of shopping or hiring a professional. In many ways, do-it-yourself can be a smart alternative, often saving you lots of money. But let us be clear: garage door repair is not one of those ways!

As we’ve discussed in previous posts, there are lots of things you can to do maintain and extend the life of your garage door. However, if you’ve noticed one or more of the warning signs that your garage door needs repair, it’s important to call one of the experienced technicians at Lifetime Garage Doors rather than attempting to make the repair yourself. We’re not just saying this because we want your business. It’s a matter of safety. Here are just a few of the reasons that garage door repair is one of the most dangerous projects to DIY.

Death By Door

Garage doors weigh hundreds of pounds depending on the material. Some wooden doors can weigh even more. In order to perform many garage door repairs, you have to alter or disable the restraints that normally keep your door from crashing down unexpectedly. What happens if you’re messing around with these controls and your child or pet walks under the door at the wrong moment?

Spring Rupture

Torsion springs are an integral part of garage door function. They’re wound very tightly to enable the door to open as effortlessly as possible. However, over time, they slowly lose their tension. This can be repaired by rewinding the springs, but it’s a very difficult task that requires skill and the right tools. Done improperly, the springs can violently expand causing you great bodily injury.

Need For Specialized Tools

The springs aren’t the only part of the garage door that requires special tools to repair. If you attempt to make a repair with improper tools it might look like you’ve accomplished your task on the surface, but you might have actually created a new problem.

As you can see, making DIY garage door repair isn’t just a matter of saving money. It’s also a question of keeping yourself and your family members safe. Get things done correctly the first time! Call Lifetime Garage Doors today.