Choosing the right material for your garage door is never an easy decision. With changing technology and style, the choices are ever-growing. One of the most popular materials for garage doors is aluminum and in this post, we’ll discuss the pros and cons to choosing this material for your new garage door.


Pros of Aluminum Doors

  • Aluminum is one of the lightest materials commercially available. This makes it easier to install and repair. Further, since it is such a light material, you’ll be able to more easily lift the door by hand in the event that the motor fails.
  • Aluminum doors place less strain on your garage door motor. This helps keep the torsion spring working longer and ultimately means less required maintenance down the road.
  • Aluminum doors are easily customized to match your home’s decor. It’s a relatively simple process to give the metal a beautiful texture and can be painted to match your home’s accents.
  • Aluminum holds up to coastal and wet weather. The metal does not easily corrode and will not rust from exposure to the salty, coastal Florida weather.
  • As far as eco-friendly materials go, aluminum is one of the best. It’s completely recyclable and costs less to ship due to its lighter weight.


Cons of Aluminum Doors

  • Aluminum doors are easy to damage and may not hold up well to a rough household. If your kids play basketball in the driveway, the ball can easily dent the exterior of your door. If you live in a storm-prone area, flying debris can also wreak havoc on your door’s exterior, scratching the paint and denting the surface.


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